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How to Find a Summer Job

Finding a summer job can be difficult as many employers are seeking employees to work at the job for more than the three to four months that most students spend at their places of summer employment.

Where are some places that you can find a summer job?

  • Try searching the local newspaper for jobs that are available for students during the summer. Many of these employers use words such as part time, or students okay. This allows the potential job applicant to find a job that will be acceptable to their needs as a student and perhaps continue part time into the fall.
  • Using the internet, there are many websites that allow potential employers to list jobs that are suitable and even focused towards students. You can even use the internet to apply for these jobs.
  • Consider searching within your local university or college. This means that you can find a job that is close to your school and may even consider applications to the front of the list if they are enrolled in certain programs. This is one of the benefits of using the educational facility to search for a job.
  • Ask family members, and friends. If you have family members and friends that are in charge of running a business or work somewhere that is constantly hiring than consider asking if they are seeking employment for the summer. Many employers hire students through the summer to cover the vacation time which is often booked off by the employees.
  • There are many benefits to getting a summer job:
  • Having a summer job can allow the applicant to gain the experience required to supplement their education and increase the appearance of the resume to potential employers.
  • A summer job can be used to help fund the costs of tuition and living expenses while the person is attending school. This can greatly reduce the costs of student loans throughout the education and can help the student to graduate owing less money.
  • A summer job can often be extended into part time hours during the fall when the employer may still require assistance which can also help the student to earn extra money that can be used to cover living expenses.
  • A summer job can give valuable experience in a certain field that you were thinking of working in. for example, if you are taking a nursing program, getting a summer job in the office of a Doctor can help the student to determine if that is the career path that they would really like to take.
  • The terms of a summer job can be negotiated and the student is more likely to be hired for a job if they are able to comply with the terms that are required by the person doing the hiring. For example, being able to work the shifts that are required at the wage being offered without having to make adjustments to the schedule can help an applicant move to the top of the list.

    Finding a summer job can be easy when you know where you are looking. Be sure to use tools to make your resume more appealing to potential employers. Highlight your experience in a certain field or educational classes that can help to enhance the experience that the job will require. There are often special skills that have been acquired by students that can be applied to the job. This is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition and ensure that you are the one that is hired for the job.

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