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Job Fair Tips

A job fair is one of the most effective ways to apply for jobs at a specific company, or an array of companies with your resume in hand and a smile on your face. Job fairs are an effective way to apply for a myriad of jobs and potentially even be hired on the spot. Many companies take advantage of job fairs as it is less expensive and take less time than the hiring process, yet it is 100% more effective.

There are two main types of job fairs that employers take advantage of. The first type of job fair includes only the company and is often held at the office, the store or another location. These companies seek specific candidates for the jobs. The second type of job fair has employers from a variety of sectors, therefore, there is something for everyone, literally!

There are many aspects that should be prepared for before visiting the job fair that should be addressed, but most importantly the potential employee should realize that this first impression is a chance to sell yourself as an employee to the company representative. This first impression could determine whether you are hired therefore, it is crucial that the best first impression be made because at a job fair, it could make or break you.

As the first impression is so important, how do you ensure that you are making the right one the one that will get you hired, on the spot? Here are some ways that you can ensure to make the best first impression to potential employers:

  • Dress in professional attire as you would for a potential interview. Clothing and appearance is one of the first things that people judge someone with, subconsciously, without even realizing it. Dressing to impress and making a professional appearance is an essential way to make the most of the job fair. Avoid flashy clothing items and flashy jewelry; rather keep it simple with a neutral business suit with a crisp white shirt. This is the winning combination in the case that you are unsure what should be worn to a job interview. Be sure that the hair is kept neat and for men, that your facial hair is kept in check to make the best first impression at a job fair.
  • Have multiple copies of your resumes and reference letters available. These are the documents that can help to land you the jobs that are being advertised at the job fair. These will be handed out to potential employers. Ensure that all contact information on the resume is updated and that the experience on the resume is relevant to the jobs which are being applied for. One should avoid the use of colored papers, rather, using an eye-catching but professional heading on the resume to engage the attention of the potential employer.
  • Be ready to fill out applications and have the information available. Despite the fact that most potential employees will bring a resume to the job fair, many companies still prefer to have an application filled, as it can have concise information about job history, education and experience in the field. These applications are often kept on file, as well as the resume should the individual be considered for, or hired for the job. Demonstrating readiness to fill out the application and choosing to highlight skills and experience is an effective way to make the best impression at the job fair.
  • Display confidence. Confidence that is backed up by knowledge and experience is the one thing that employers seek when they are holding a job fair. When speaking with the representative for the company it is important to realize that this is an impromptu interview that should be taken seriously. Speaking with confidence and intelligence can help to further the first impression and give you access to a second interview, or even the job. Use a firm handshake and eye contact to maintain professionalism. As well, it is important to avoid fidgeting while talking to representatives to the company as this can display nervousness.
  • Be ready to leave the job fair with a job. There are many companies that hire on the spot therefore it is important that you be available to come to work at the potential company within a couple of days. Be sure to tie up loose ends or other obligations before the job fair to ensure that you indeed are able to begin immediately.
The job fair is designed to expedite the hiring process; therefore, following these tips can help you gain a job, immediately when you make the right first impression and demonstrate confidence throughout the process of the job fair.

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