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How to Find Your First Job

For many, the memory of a first job is one that will stick with the person until they have settled within their career. Whether your first job is a paper route or something a little more glamorous, there are many ways to find your first job and create a resume that appeals to the potential employer.

How to Get You Resume Ready for Your First Job
There are many ways that you can prepare your resume for your first job. There are many things that you can use to fill the resume and demonstrate the experience, aside from job experience.

Use your experience in extracurricular activities to highlight the experience that you have developed through the academic career. This information should also include any clubs or organizations that you have been a part of. Taking part in these types of activities can demonstrate a high level of teamwork and include the individual as being a leader if that role has been taken on. These are the types of informative pieces that can be included on the resume in lieu of work experience.

Where should you Look for Your First Job
There are many places to look for your first job. Using these places, you should be able to find something that suits your needs and can give you the experience that you are seeking.

Use the newspaper or local classifieds to search for jobs that state that the employer will train the potential applicant or that little or no experience is necessary for the job. This can be a way for the potential applicant to learn the inside out of the company and seek information to work with the company to find room for advancement.

Use the internet to search for your first job, as there are thousands of job listings for flexible hours. Searching for the first job means that most people will also have other obligations like school. Part time job searches available on the internet can be used to accommodate these types of jobs and allow the person seeking a job to gain the experience they require, while working at a place of employment that allows them to continue their education.

It is important to realize that a first job is not meant to be glamorous. It can be difficult to find a job that entails of the perks that you are seeking rather, think about the first job as experience and it will allow the potential applicant to get their foot in the door and gain experience that will allow the next job to come easy! The second, third and forth job always gets easier as the applicant has gained valuable experience that can be added to the resume!

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